Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Perceptions and the reality

Perceptions and reality is not directly on Sania .........but it's written by someone whose thoughts i do value ..........

In the recent and contemporary indian history, bollywood and cricket have been the major suppliers of icons to the "hero" starved indian populace.With politician been totally pre-empted from this privelege,not because of the excellence of the other but because of total disenchantment of the public with the polity, young and old alike.The refresh rate of the glamour industry increasing by the day, this place has been primarily grabbed by sportpersons.

Among other reasons for almost obscene popularity of cricket in india,one is that Indians as a society as well as individuals have never been great supporters of individual excellence. The reasons for it are more of evolutionary then comtemporary.The irony is that the individual performer is always expected to perform in a team, by his teammates as well as the audience.Failure is regarded as betrayal by the team as well the audience.

Of Late things seem to be changing.The pointer is obviously towards the meteoric rise of indian men/women in individual sports.The reportcard has become so varied suddenly that keeping tab on developments in each is becoming difficult.These are the individuals who have carved out a niche for themselves with minimal or no government support.The good thing is that they are playing with consistency.

The sports as varied as formula one, shooting , lawn tennis, Golf etal.These are the sports where we have seen only white men playing and winning.Few years back it would have been no more than a dream to see Indians making big in these individual sports.But now everybody expects these people to win.

The good thing with individual sport is that if a player wins its the victory of the nation, but if he/she looses they are just left alone.The entire blame lies with the player and still no one is complaining frantically.

These individuals represent the new indian youngster,who is not bothered of his/her pedigree.Everything they do on and off th field is done with confidence with no strings of identity attached.As they make a mark globally, they are aware of their roots and are not ashamed of it.

So when narain karthikeyan zooms past the pole or sania mirza hits an ace, its not only an indian playing for their country but they are individuals who represent excellence in an otherwise ordinary life.

That essential "Killer's Instinct" may still be elusive, but who care's till this supply of "icons" continues.



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