Saturday, July 16, 2005

Nandan Lal on Sania's future prospects .........

Let's know a bit about Nandan Lal ...........he was the former national champion champion and now a a coach of Indian Davis Cup Team

And now , Sania in the Eye's of Nandan Lal

''Sania definitely has the game that can take her to the top 25. But mere flashes in the pan won'tdo that, Sania would have to be more consistent toreach there.''

''A good week can't assure you success in tennis. Forthat you have to maintain the same consistencythroughout all the 52 weeks,''

''Sania's first serve success rate is far from satisfying and the second is weak as well. She wouldhave to work on it. Double fault at crucial points is another aspect that she should take care of,''

''She is a good baseline player and her forehand is quite awesome,''

So what he is expecting ..........1) more consistency in her game 2) a lot of improvement in her serves


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