Sunday, September 04, 2005

When i had a slight conversation with Times Sports .........

Today i found to have made a slight conversation with Times Sports .

It all started yesterday when i spotted a wonderful performance by Kaif had a second place in Times Sport and Sania Mirza had grabbed the top story of the daily .This prompted me to raise a question "Does TOI represent the changing landscape of Indian Sports ".........more vividly Is it the start of Women Tennis era in Indian Sports ?

The question was timely and grabbed the attention of Times sports editorial .

Today when i wake up and had a glance on the TimesSports i found Times Sports had made it a point to answer that question ........

They answer me in two ways ...

First by pushing Sania back on the second page despite the much hyped Sania vs Maria Sharapova clash today .

Second one was very direct .It was thoughtfully answered and skillfully analysed by Bobilli Vijay Kumar of Times Network .

In his Between The Lies Bobilli Vijay Kumar wrote

Something like this has not happened in a long , long time : the indian cricket team chased down almost 280 runs for a fabulous victory but was still not the top sports story of the day .Could this be the percusor to a paradigm shift in Indian sport?...............

This is where he made a direct point from what i had said in ............

My observation on the Times front page really suprised me ........In a nation where Men's Cricket fatasize the majority of sports lovers ........Women Tennis had grabbed more than two-third of the space ....and only a quarter of the space was left for Men's Cricket

After his complete analysis Bobilli Vijay Kumar wrote ............
The day the gap between her winners and unforced errors reduces,or even better , enters positive territory,she will become a Top-tenner, a force to reckon with .That moment , cricket, or at least India's cricketer's , will lose their pre-eminent positions to Sania Mirza. Maybe , that day is not too far away .


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