Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sania Myth-za

........just think if articles like the one given below have any truth and helps u break the perception of a personality grown out of a media hype

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sania Myth-za

There was a lot of media attention and hype on Sania Mirza playing Maria Sharapova in the fourth round of the US Open 2005. Now lets get straight to the point and demolish some myths.

Firstly, SM is no quality player. She has a poor overall game and very low fitness levels. That she made it to the fourth round is only due to the fact that the opponents were even worse off. Since they come from other countries, it doesnt mean they have a quality game.

SM is brash and is more interested in media attention with her corny T-shirts and stupid statements (where every second word is "you-know") . She tries her very best to speak in an American accent. Her only regret, probably is that she is Indian (surprising , right ? ). Back on home soil - her main efforts go behind bagging lucarative endorsment contracts. Just today its been reported that old SM commands a price thats only lower than the now-old-and-battered Tendulkar. Tennis is obviously the last thing on her mind. Maybe Bollywood and South Indian B-Grade flicks to follow.

Lets get it straight - the only Indian player that has India written all over him is Leander Paes.

Keep in mind - SM is not playing for India or representing India. She is a private who has got to this stage since her family and supporters could shell out the obscene amount of dollars required to stay alive on the international tennis circuit. And if you hang on there with this kind of cash, you ought to win a game or two - excatly what she is doing.

In the past, more talented players from India could never make it - for they didnt have access to this dollar-bin.

SM makes it a point to flash her religon. Praying five times a day etc. types of statements to grab media attention. I mean what has your religon got to do with a game. Keep them apart. Not to be left out are the Mauvis and Muzzeins from India who have praised her efforts and have also lashed out at her wearing those skimpy 5 cm. long skirts. Next time you will probably not recognize old SM on court - she'd be all in the black suit.

To come are felicitations from Sonia Gandhi and Gulam Nabi Azad. And lastly, in a few months expect to see Sania Mirza standing for the Hyderabad constitueincy on a Congress ticket. Play the minority card - its the only thing that makes you a winner in India.

The numbers justify your moves.

This write up is at http://wgfa.blogspot.com/2005/09/sania-myth-za.html


Anonymous russell said...

this man is sick. get urself checked dude,before people take you in the municipal van.

come on i mean, give her teenage delight.just ask urself how u would have handled all this attention if u were her age.

And please, i think her counterparts are bigger glamour girls than her.

I think u are jealous because she is earning more than you, or maybe frustrated because her glamour excites you and u cant handle it.

6:57 AM  

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