Saturday, September 03, 2005

Does TOI represent the changing landscape of Indian Sports

Yesterday was amazing day for Indian Sports .It was the day when there was a fight between Indian cricket and Indian Tennis to grab the space for Times Sports of TOI, popular indian national daily .

At one side was the heroic performance by an indian cricketer (Kaif) to ensure India's entry in the finals and at the other end was a phenomenal performance by the fast rising Indian Tennis player Sania enter in the fourth round of US Open .

Both were big news and had .their due on Times Sports and it was the Times editorial to decide which news has more readers than the others.

My observation on the Times front page really suprised me ........In a nation where Men's Cricket fatasize the majority of sports lovers ........Women Tennis had grabbed more than two-third of the space ....and only a quarter of the space was left for Men's Cricket

This is not normal in india and the force behind this abnormal behaviour of Indian Media is none other but Sania Mirza



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