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Ach mein Gott! 'Oh my God!' in German Usage: Prahlad Kakkar (ad man) — "In India, you're either a goddess or shit. Sania’s a goddess." Ach mein

Gott!lawesomeness: Better than awesome Usage: Alyque Padamsee (ad man) — "Sania’s the most sassy sportsperson on the Indian scene today." That's awesomeness.

Bam: A person that must be worshipped Usage: Angad Bedi (TV show host) — "Sania makes me a proud Indian." Bam... that's her.

cawinky-dink: Great coincidence Usage: Alyque: "Good looks, good skills, great attitude." Whadda cawinky-dink!

duff: hot Usage: Anirban Das (brand builder) — "Sania’s the third most clicked female player after Sharapova and Serena." Comes with being truly doff

duff: hot Usage: Anirban Das (brand builder) — "Sania’s the third most clicked female player after Sharapova and Serena." Comes with being truly doff.

emo: Short for emotion Usage: Anirban — "She’s not someone you remember when you switch on the TV and forget when you switch it off." That's just a demo of her emo.

F4: destined to lead the world Usage: Alyque — "She’ll have a far bigger following than Sharapova can ever dream of." Press F4. for real real: 'For real' emphasised

Usage: Armaana Sodhi (model) — "She gives out positive vibes that make you want to go, get it. You connect." She's for real real.

go-to: Someone you depend on Usage: Sofiya Azad (student) — "She’s no bimbo. That’s why she performs so consistently." Way to go, go-to girl!

gsr: Good significant response Usage: Anirban — "Sania’s marketability is unprecedented bar Sachin." That’s a gsr.

irregardless: Since the prefix 'ir' and the suffx 'less'both mean 'not or with', they cancel each other out, so you get ‘regard’ Usage: Freddie Birdie (ad man) — "Sania’s an interesting phenomenon. We're starved of icons, she's one." irregardless.

Kid A: To completely reinvent style Usage: Alyque — "Sachin has a nice-guy image, Amitabh has ..dignity, Shah Rukh has charisma. None of them has the pizzazz or vibrancy that Sania has." She’s Kid A.

M.A.G.I.C.: Most Attractive Girl In Class Usage: Alyque — "She'll become a bigger brand than the Williams sisters. Sania's better looking anyday!" That’s M.A.G.I.C.!

P.Y.B.O.: Put Your Balls On! Just do it! Usage: Piyush Pandey (ad man) — "Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sania’s brave enough to experiment." P.Y.B.O. Like her.

shinda shima: Cool person Usage: Sofia — "People are famous for various reasons. Sania is famous for never giving up." So shinda shima!

silks: Item of great worth Usage: Bipasha Basu (actress) — "She's heading a country in her way. She has the ability to reach out." Silksy!

smft: So much for that Usage: Anirban — "Tennis is the priority. We might take up just one more deal over the five ads Sania has." smft.

tarantism: Urge to be funky Usage: Alyque: "There’s a sassy attitude... there’s so much vibrancy, life in Sania... it's unique." It's tarantism.

Uber-Micro: Pro-game talk for skills Usage: Angad — "She, a girl, has shown that we, Indians, seen to be weak, are capable of power play." Uber-Micro's taken her there.

V8: A kick-ass engine showing how inefficient earlier engines were Usage: Ayaan Ali Bangash (sarod artiste) — "With due respect to Leander and Mahesh,

Sania’s taken tennis to another level. People in NY are talking about her." V8 hai naa. lwomyn: Variation 'woman' used to show how offensive the word 'man' can be Usage: Ayaan — "She’s an example for all."

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