Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Of Sania and flaring tempers

The following write up was orignated at Musings of a meandering mind

There is a fine line between being aggressive and being arrogant.I am aggressive and not arrogant".This in response to a question on her attitude in an interview recently.Frankly speaking she had crossed that line soon after her match against Serena Williams last year.Why do people find it so hard to keep their feet on their ground after meeting with a little success is beyond me.She is great for the game in the country no doubt but with success comes responsibility and thats something Madam Mirza has still to learn. I dont have a problem with her T shirts or the fact that she cant serve but walking out of press-conferences mid way is just not acceptable.Last week s incident was not only an insult to the firm for which she is doing an ad-campaign but also to a certain Mohanlal who was also present there.Either keep your mouth shut when asked for an opinion on controversial topics like pre-marital sex or be prepared to peppered further even if your addressing the media on other matters. BTW,can non-muslim, non-clerics issue a fatwa?

Anonymous said...

Sania cannot be compared to Sachin (yet).She has been over-hyped by the media.She should be left in peace,to play her game.She is exceptionally talented,but she needs time for her game to mature.Sania sells,because sex sells,unlike Rathore,and Malleshwari.Same reason Sharapova has been hyped to be the next monica seles,which she is not.

sania does not need to lose weight.The Hantuchova's and Sharapova's are not perfect athletic specimens,but are in fact under-built for power tennis.

You are completely clueless about tennis,if you think that Sania's backhand is weak.It is technically even more solid than the forehand,powerful,and she can create the kind of angles that you see more often in mens tennis.Her backhand down the line is excellent too.It is developing into a lethal weapon,to complement the forehand,which is the most dangerous weapon in womens tennis today.Technically, it is second only to the Graf forehand.Get out there and watch more tennis,because you obviously don't have a clue.If you understand anything about technique,and control of the racquet-face,you'd realise that she is a special talent,who could prove a worthy successor to sachin's iconic status.But not yet.
2:01 AM

Friday, November 18, 2005

A true attempt to enhance GK among children !!

What could be more pleasing than to be asked formaly to learn about some one you charm most ?
Something like this shall happen next year when NCERT will become live books.

Ncert is preparing to become a livimg book by introducing living icons in its text .The big entries that have been zeroed in are Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza and Narain Karthikeyan

A true attempt to enhance GK among children and build our education more dynamic !!

The photo above has been reproduced from my June archive
School Going Kids Take Lessons from her............

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sania's Skirt : Six inches long or 6 feet long

Recently sania break her silence on fatwa and said "As long as I am winning, people shouldn't care whether my skirt is six inches long or 6 feet long,""....................

Sania Mirza ji understand as long as u r winning : people should care about the size of ur skirt .Who cares what a failing Indian girl wears ??

As far as the length of the skirt is concerned , whether it should be " six inches long or 6 feet long" that's a billion watcher's querstion ???

Well , i would say the answer best lies in the " GENDER " of the crowd that rushes to the stadium .

If the gender polarises towrds the higher feminine i would say she can well afford to obey the Ulema .

If it goes towards masculine gender, six inches is cool . .A'nt that Mr Sponsor??

Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy birthday Sania

Today is Sania's birthday ....so rush up and clog the networks ....Yes take time to

SMS your birthday wishes to Sania -- just type SANIA, followed by your message, and send it to 7333.

I don't know what your wish means to her but go ahead and sms "Happy birthday Sania "

Sania :Strong head strong shoulder brought to u by head & shoulder .

Please excuse me guys for the uncivilised act of not taking bath for consecutively three days ......r u having ur nose with a stinking smell ....

hey cool i had the AXE , not to let guys arround me know of my true aroma ....and when my Pepe and Provogue outfits were the proof of my being a part of india's rising organised retail sector : who can dare to call me uncivilised .

but why do i am telling u all these and that too in a blog meant for sania mirza ....that's because my hairs were not co-operating with me and were constantly reminding me of my uncivilised act .......and here i had something called "head & shoulders".......Oh! wow there is a brand for every problem

but in the very next moment , i had to crap what this "shoulders" is doing in something meant for hairs on head ..

whatever , this brand had all the reasons to cast Sania as her brand ambasader with a punchline ......

Sania :Strong head strong shoulder brought to u by head & shoulder .


Sania not Dancing in the Rain !

Recently Ajim Premji wrote a stuff that had the title "Dancing in the rain " ....This article speaks of the "Freedom of the childhood"

Now when every one ask sania about the tennis pressure on her head since her child hood .It reminds me of the article and i simply whipsper to my own ears.....
"Oh! poor Sania , not Dancing in the Rain"

Well guys Ajim premji had some good food 4r ur thoughts

Our mordern schools are nothing more than prisions of textbook .....

Our learning institutes must be the laboratories of Exploration ...

Let's give our children freedom of childhood .....


Applying Peter drucker to Sania Mirza

In a tribute to peter drucker, father of mordern managment,who died last week : i use his name as synonymous to Managment .....

Applying Peter drucker to Sania Mirza .....is a request that expects the fundamental mistakes undergoing in the managment of her public Image (PR) would be rectifyed :bringing the idea of
simple living high thinking yet persuing a vibrant fashion and style in this youth icon a reality .


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sania - Lara combo offer in KBC

mind u guys this was my first watching of KBC-2 ......and found something replaced as compared to KBC-1 ... No more Compaq .....it's Lenovo now that flashes KBC question ......a company that was as unknown a few years back as Sania itself ..Don't you think earth is moving faster now than it was earlier ! .....i guess v have a fourth Kepler's Law yet to be discovered

Oh! poor sania u play fast , hit hard but what in front of Amitabh Bacchan ji .....with a freezed mind u always had Lara rescuing u ....Alas ! u had stopped studying maths after 9th std ...perhaps now i have the reasons for so many unforced errors in your tennis game .....

Lara u were really impressing ....mind with beauty ....but don't u think it's the right time to go to a barber ...your hairs were coming upto your eye lids ....my mother used to take me to a barber whenever this happened with me in my chilhood ....so is the time 4r u now ......hey! the lesson here is participate in Fashion but only that suits your face .

now view KBC in reverse cronology ....


What do u guess sania is going to opt for her career??

What do u guess sania thinks to opt for her career??

Making debuts in TV
A docter .
An Interrior designer
A Tennis Coach

The question won't be hard to answer though not easy too
....An Interrior designer ...yes that's she thinks for now ......i think she shows some business sense here .

Sania can u define tennis in one line ??

In an open chat at ndtv with Dr Prannoy Roy and her fans

Sania can u define tennis in one line ??
"Oh! that's the toughest question i think" ..........
But in the very next moment she found her answer and replied i can define tennis in one word ........
Tennis is Fun