Friday, January 21, 2005

Sania Mirza is here to stay

usually don't sit n watch games but matches like the one between Sania Mirza and Serena Williams i don't miss out. After all they are historic in nature .We don't see Indians playing at such high echelons so often and a few live experiences like this are worth giving our time .

I went crazy when found Sania Mirza will face Serena Williams in third round of the Australian Open. For inexperienced and largely unknown player like Sania Mirza it needs lots of guts n stuff to face the six times Grand Slam winner Serena Williams.

When i put myself in the shoes of Sania Mirza and imagined about her .i found an 18 year old with all world eyes on her who has no option but to stand out and perform .I said to myself "my God what a brave girl " . To face such situations one has to go through a lot of mental battles and only after winning us from inside can we make moves outside and she had done it .In her game i found she had won the mental game .

She lost the first set by 6-1 but she had made a lot of learning in the first set .She won the last game out of the seven games that were played in the first set (which brought a cool smile on her face and a can do attitude in her game)

Sania gave a strong fight in the second set .She had reduced her own faults .She got in aggressive mode and improved her placment of ball in second set though her problem with net continued .

Serena too got in her original game .Some really good shots were played from both sides The last game of the second set was dominated by Serena .With 5 aces Serena seemed to be in her full swing .

.But then Sania had won it before coming to the field .She had nothing to loose there .Only to win .She won a precious experience , a maturity in the game and a recognition with the top brass of the sport .

Sania appears to b a promising player .Her Australian open performance
shall brought her in under 100 .A big jump from 166 that she currently holds and with Wimbeldon yet to happen Sania may put herself well under 50 .

hey! do u find me too optimistic !!!!!!!!!!

In her statement to news channels Sania had said " I want to know how hard Serena hits ".I hope this hard hitter won't have find her opponent hitting too hard and for Serena who said she had never heard of Sania ,she would still b finding reasons why she had not heard of Sania Mirza .

Yeah! with tennis players not shying from glamour world we may find this hyderabadi in out of the court sports too .

So what's up ......!

Watch out for more world class stuff ............Sania is here to stay ............that's what she signaled at Melbourne.

Vivek Mittal

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