Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dollars US Federal Government made out of Sania

India’s ace tennis player Sania, has to pay tax to US Government on her prize money. India have entered into a double taxation treaty with several developed countries like the US and UK, and therefore Sania need not pay tax to India . Sania earned $70,000 ( appox. Rs 30 lakhs) for her pre quarter final appearance at the US Open. Of this, 35 per cent tax is deducted in tune with US tax laws and she gets only US $45,500 .

Total tax that Sania will pay is huge, her total earning is US$ 1,07,950, and tax @ 35 % is US $ 37,782.5. The details of the games played and prize money earned are as given below :

At US Open————— US $ 70,000 ,
At Acua Classic———US $ 12,775 ,
At Forest Hills———- US $ 12,000 ,
At Bank of West———-US $ 7,600 ,
At Cincinnati Open—- US $ 3,900 ,
At JP Morgan Classic– US $ 1,675


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