Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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Sania cannot be compared to Sachin (yet).She has been over-hyped by the media.She should be left in peace,to play her game.She is exceptionally talented,but she needs time for her game to mature.Sania sells,because sex sells,unlike Rathore,and Malleshwari.Same reason Sharapova has been hyped to be the next monica seles,which she is not.

sania does not need to lose weight.The Hantuchova's and Sharapova's are not perfect athletic specimens,but are in fact under-built for power tennis.

You are completely clueless about tennis,if you think that Sania's backhand is weak.It is technically even more solid than the forehand,powerful,and she can create the kind of angles that you see more often in mens tennis.Her backhand down the line is excellent too.It is developing into a lethal weapon,to complement the forehand,which is the most dangerous weapon in womens tennis today.Technically, it is second only to the Graf forehand.Get out there and watch more tennis,because you obviously don't have a clue.If you understand anything about technique,and control of the racquet-face,you'd realise that she is a special talent,who could prove a worthy successor to sachin's iconic status.But not yet.
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