Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I dream that Sania has married Pathan

In Andhra Herald i read an interesting Dream description titled
" I dream that Sania has married Pathan"

Dream goes like this ......

" I dream that Sania has married Pathan "

For the last two months, I have been regularly dreaming that cricketer Irfan Pathan has married Sania Mirza at Lal Bahadur Stadium. The barat came from Baroda along with Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and other VIP’s, like Sonia Gandhi, Jaipal reddy, P.C. Chidambaram and other dignitaries, who were received in Hyderabad by Ms. Jayalalithaa, G.V.K Reddy, chief minister Rajasekhar Reddy and Speaker Suresh Reddy.

All the leading Indian cricketers attended the wedding and were dancing to the tune of Kajra Re, Sachin, along with Renuka Chowdary, was vigorously dancing bhangra.

All the members of Secunderabad Club and Nizam Club were invited to this wedding and Nawab shah Alam Kham’s family handled the catering.

Foreign dignitaries like George W. Bush and Prince Charles enjoyed the haleem and chicken birayani and the entire wedding was covered by the world media.

Please interpret my dream as its recurs again and again - Ashok Chand; Hyderabad

This dream was interpreted by professionals( Indira Bhangar ) as .......

Dream Analysis: The repetitive nature of this dream indicates anxiety as there may be a deep hidden desire and need to enjoy recognition, fame, power and a significant position in life. It points towards bringing together and balancing the creative and practical, and that it is the right time for self-exploration and realizing you own potential. It also reflects wishful thinking, of being associated with resourceful people and feeling motivated and inspired to develop their inherent qualities.

How true this dream shall be ??? Only time will tell !! ............for now it has injured Rajesh Jayaprakash a blogger whose comments on this dream are

.. that I wake up late on a Sunday morning, finish reading The Hindu, turn my attention to Deccan Chronicle for some comic relief, and in the course of flipping through its pages, land up at Indira Bhangar's column, where somebody writes in that they had a dream that Sania Mirza had married Irfan Pathan and would Ms Bhangar please interpret this dream for them, and I fall off the bed, rolling with laughter, and injure myself.

Oh wait, that wasn't a dream.



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